Circular Afghan

Circular Afghan

A couple of months ago, there was a big sale on homespun yarn. I love how soft this yarn is, so I bought about a million balls to make an afghan at some point. Well my basket (it’s actually a laundry hamper — that’s how much I bought) was taking up too much room so I decided it was about time to undertake my 3rd afghan project. This one worked up really quickly (well, relatively speaking anyway). I used this pattern for a circular afghan from Lionbrand, with 5 rows of Regency, 5 rows of Roccoco, 3 rows of Baroque, and 3 rows of Windsor (and repeated until I had 37 rows). This blanket is incredibly warm, almost too warm! But then again, living in Northern Canada, sometimes that’s necessary.

The cats seem to like the afghan too. I took a dozen pictures and there’s at least 1 cat in every one of them. Silly kitties!

Afghan 3k

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